Discover the Authentic Jikiden approach to Reiki

Heal yourself. Bring healing to family and friends. Develop a practice. Add to your existing practice.  Make Jikiden Reiki® part of your continuing education.

Welcome to the  Jikiden Reiki® Training Center of Classical Reiki Pennsylvania.  Learn this authentic practice to help yourself and others. Scroll down to our video that explains all you need to know to get started towards becoming the architect of your own vibrant life. For current listing of Jikiden Reiki® teachers, please see the Services/Teachers page.

While Reiki is not a cure for medical conditions it can be a crucial part of your recovery.  We offer exceptional opportunities for you to experience Reiki and to learn Reiki in its original form. Connect with your deepest desires to experience balance, calm and create a new way to wellness.  Jikiden Reiki® is a simple, historically grounded form of Reiki that remained in Japan until early in 2000.  The tools of Jikiden offer clear avenues to help your own body activate its best healing response to life’s stressors. Given that we live in a world full of environmental toxins, detoxification, a central tenet of Jikiden Reiki is more important than ever. Many of our students are new to Reiki while others have studied Reiki for many years.

This video that was created by Paula Michal-Johnson, the founder of ClassicalReikiPa. Her explanation will remain on the site that she created in honor of the lives she touched through her mentoring and love of Jikiden Reiki.

“Jikiden Reiki is a simple yet powerful tool to have in your tool- box for yourself and your family’s health.” C. Scheuerman, Physical Therapist for Children,  Yoga Teacher, Philadelphia, PA

“In learning this stunningly beautiful form of energy healing from her, I experienced wisdom, understanding and humility as the result of her teaching style. Her Jikiden course left me feeling grounded yet open to new and greater possibilities I previously never knew existed in the world of Reiki. As students, Paula helps us to see how deeply effective Jikiden Reiki can be. ” E. Bates, LMT, Visceral Manipulation Therapist, Nashville, TN    READ MORE