Jikiden Reiki

Reiki is a simple form of energy healing from Japan known as “Shin Shin Kaizen Usui Reiki Ryoho,” meaning the Usui treatment for the improvement of body and mind. Jikiden means “directly taught”.

10 Reasons Why Learning Jikiden Reiki Is So Incredibly Empowering

  1.  Stress: If you’re stressed, anxious or tired all the time, Reiki gives you simple, accessible tools to improve your energy levels and your state of mind. People report unexpected encounters with happiness after Jikiden Reiki sessions! *
  2. Low immune system: If you’re run down and find yourself catching every bug that is going, being ill more often and longer than most people around you, Reiki gives you a simple and effective method to build up your immune system again.
  3. Chronic Conditions: If you struggle with a chronic illness (often difficult to treat with modern medicine), daily self-reiki treatment can improve your quality of life and, over time, your chances of recovery
  4. Cancer: If you or your nearest suffer from cancer, Reiki has been proven to alleviate anxiety, and experience shows that it can be tremendously helpful in lessening the side-effects of conventional cancer therapies.
  5. End-of-life care: Reiki can be a wonderful way of accompanying the dying, bringing pain relief, emotional acceptance and comfort to everyone involved.
  6. Natural Health: If you want to rely on pharmaceutical drugs only in emergencies, and generally prefer a more natural path to health and recovery, then Jikiden Reiki is ideal as it works with your body’s natural healing mechanisms.
  7. Physical Rehabilitation: Physical healing processes tend to happen a little faster and with better outcomes if supported with Reiki treatment. This includes broken bones, which have sometimes mended in record speed with frequent Reiki support. In my experience, stroke patients can also benefit tremendously.
  8. Wound healing: For all manner of small injuries, such as cuts, scrapes, bruises, sprains and even burns, the Jikiden Reiki First Aid method for minor ailments can be used, which tends to ensure fast, clean healing results. Learning this method is invaluable if you have small children!
  9. Your child’s immune system: Jikiden Reiki is for you if you want to help your children build strong natural immunity, so that they are in the best position to easily shake off any illnesses that may come their way.
  10. Household use: This makes Jikiden Reiki the natural port of call in the household, bringing speedier recovery from everyday illnesses such as colds and viruses, plus it is instantly available in cases of small injuries.
    * The founder of the practice, Mikao Usui, referred to Reiki as his secret method to invite health and happiness, not without reason I think.

Disclaimer: The positive outcomes of Jikiden Reiki treatment listed here are entirely based on direct experience, and are not yet underpinned by science. You should always consult your medical practitioner when seriously ill, and may consider using Jikiden Reiki as a powerful complement to appropriate medical care.

Jikiden Reiki treatment involves no risk, as no substances are ingested, and with the treatment using light touch on the fully clothed body, there is no need to fear injury from physical manipulation. from  September 27, 2015, Gisela Stewart, Scotland.

The Yamaguchi Family Story & Jikiden Reiki

In 1938 Chiyoko Yamaguchi learned Reiki from Chujiro Hayashi, one of 20 students taught by Mikao Usui, the founder of Reiki. She spent the rest of her life practicing what she had learned. Today, her son, Tadao Yamaguchi & Frank Arjava Petter (with certified teachers of the Jikiden Reiki® Institute) bring Jikiden Reiki® to students worldwide. Jikiden Reiki is entirely free of Western or New Age influences. Its roots go back almost to the discovery of Reiki itself.


USUI Mikao                                                                                                                                HAYASHI Chujiro                                                                                                                   YAMAGUCHI Chiyoko                                                                                                          YAMAGUCHI Tadao  PETTER, Frank Arjava                                                                                    MICHAL-JOHNSON Paula

There are 3 types of Jikiden Reiki ® Treatment Sessions.

The Physical Session

Jikiden practitioners have learned to sense levels of toxins (byosen) present in the body and to use Reiki intensively to promote detoxification. Physical sessions concentrated on the head and areas of need. Minor sicknesses, coughs and colds generally move through the body faster than usual. Injuries tend to heal with fewer complications; post-operative recovery may be greatly enhanced. Stress related issues may resolve with Reiki. Treatment of more serious or long- term conditions require a commitment to longer-term care. The number and frequency of sessions is determined through consultation with the practitioner.

The Psychological Session

With Jikiden Reiki®, psychological or emotional sessions can be used for anything from fear, stress and worry to depression, addictions and severe trauma.

The Remote Session

Physical and Psychological Sessions can be performed at a distance.


Stress Reduction & Relaxation

Decreased Anxiety, Pain reduction, & Speeds Healing Process

Minimizes Recovery Time, Increased Energy,

Reduces Side- Effects from Medical Treatments,

Increases the sense of calm and inner peace.

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