Classical Reiki Pennsylvania Founder

Classical Reiki Pennsylvania was created by Paula Michal-Johnson. She touched the lives of many and this site is a continuation of her work through her students. We honor her for the love and care she gave us, and we continue to grow and share with others the benefits of Jikiden Reiki. The below is a message from Terri as we update this site

Greetings from Terri Lagozzino

Hello to all of you who have followed the Classical Reiki Pennsylvania site.

I’m Terri Lagozzino and Paula Michal-Johnson was my dear friend and mentor. I was so glad to have spent some time with her just before leaving for Japan to become Shihan, a journey we’d hoped she would be able to take once again, as we did in 2014. While with her she handed the administration of this site over to me, and I was honored to assist her.

Since her passing I’ve given much consideration as to what to do—she had created this site and organization to serve all of you in Pennsylvania, while I live and teach Jikiden Reiki in Virginia, as well as Maryland and Washington, D.C. It does not seem ‘right’ to dissolve the site and my greatest wish is to honor her extraordinary commitment and devotion to Jikiden Reiki. I therefore have decided to add Deborah Pecka as Editor, so that the site will remain active. Deborah has agreed that she would like to take on this role and this seems a logical idea since she lives and practices in Pennsylvania.

Paula was a force of nature, and it’s disconcerting for me, and for all of you, I’m sure, who knew and loved her as well, to realize she is not with us. May 2017 bring all of you Health, Peace, and light spirits.

My best wishes to all,

Terri Lagozzino