Reiki Research

Judith Pennington Preparing Frans Stiene for Reiki Study

Reiki Research with Judith Pennington

Consciousness trainer and meditation teacher, Judith Pennington, of Eagle Life Communications, studied Reiki teacher practitioner Frans Stiene of the International House of Reiki in Washington D.C. in April.

Judith Pennington Interviews with Frans Stiene  and her article on the study

Frans responds to the  interview here.  This followed her initial studies of Classical Reiki Pennsylvania practitioners in February.  We are awaiting analysis of the sessions to assess whether there are differences based on the form of Reiki practiced.

Below are two sets of brainwaves of two Reiki practitioners, one as practitioner, the other as recipient.

       To contact Judith Pennington and read about the Mind Mirror EEG systems. Take a look at: and especially the section on “How it works”.

February 3, 2011.     Five Classical Reiki Pennsylvania volunteers agreed to sit with electrodes  glued to their heads connected to a brainwave biofeedback machine.  Judith Pennington, a consciousness trainer, is doing research to see how the brainwaves of Reiki practitioners  operate with client brainwaves to better understand the healing enterprise.

1 Response to Reiki Research

  1. Frans says:

    Hi Paula,
    It is amazing to see what the brain does when we practice the system of Reiki, no matter if it is hands on healing, meditating on the mantras / symbols or any of the other elements.
    Thanks for sharing your journey.

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